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Paris’s Botched Surgery

January 19th, 2007 · 1 Comment. Joy Quillinan reports.'s Botched Surgery  digg:Paris's Botched Surgery  spurl:Paris's Botched Surgery  simpy:Paris's Botched Surgery  newsvine:Paris's Botched Surgery  furl:Paris's Botched Surgery  reddit:Paris's Botched Surgery  Y!:Paris's Botched Surgery

paris eye

Paris Hilton’s infamous drooping left eye may be no more. The NY Post reports that Hilton stopped by a Beverly Hill’s plastic surgeon’s office with her sister Nicky earlier this week to inquire about getting her fixed.

Their insider claims that it was hush hush surgery six years ago that damaged the muscles of her left eye.

Apparently Paris’s trend lately for wearing blue tinted contracted lenses over her naturally brown irises has been drying out her eyes lately which is aggravating the condition.

Paris’s rep Elliot Mintz denied the story, well sort of:

“To the best of my knowledge, Paris has never had any kind of cosmetic surgery and has not mentioned any medical procedures having to do with her eyes.”

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