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Did James’s Rebuff Send Lindsay Over The Edge?

January 19th, 2007 · No Comments

james franco

What caused Lindsay to enter rehab is the hot topic in Hollywood today and Ben Widdicombe’s column provides some interesting insights. He claims that the final straw for Lindsay came when Spiderman Star James Franco rebuffed Lindsay at Prince’s Golden Globe after party.

“She came with her manager, Jason Weinberg, and a girlfriend, but she was mostly solo for the whole night…Most people were in a good mood — except for her. She seemed lost. She was trying to get James’ attention, and he wouldn’t give her anything. She was smoking a lot, not drinking in front of him, and then she went into a bedroom. From there, she went back to trying to get James’ attention again, and he was ignoring her. She ran out crying, with the girlfriend following her.”

This was at about 3:30am and Lindsay was allegedly found passed out in the hotel hallway at 6:00am.

Ben reports that Lindsay 1st met Franco at a premier party for her movie, A Prairie Home Companion in June. The two visited a karaoke night in LA in October and that month were also seen dancing together at Are in West Hollywood.

However Lindsay, 20 has dated a string of guys in the last few months alone while Franco, 28 is known to be into more monogamous relationships and is apparently, “very happy in his relationship with his girlfriend.

Ben reports that Franco even refused a pricey watch Lindsay tried to give him as gift. She now wear’s it as a 2nd watch on her wrist as a painful reminder of him.

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Paris’s Botched Surgery

January 19th, 2007 · 1 Comment

paris eye

Paris Hilton’s infamous drooping left eye may be no more. The NY Post reports that Hilton stopped by a Beverly Hill’s plastic surgeon’s office with her sister Nicky earlier this week to inquire about getting her fixed.

Their insider claims that it was hush hush surgery six years ago that damaged the muscles of her left eye.

Apparently Paris’s trend lately for wearing blue tinted contracted lenses over her naturally brown irises has been drying out her eyes lately which is aggravating the condition.

Paris’s rep Elliot Mintz denied the story, well sort of:

“To the best of my knowledge, Paris has never had any kind of cosmetic surgery and has not mentioned any medical procedures having to do with her eyes.”

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Ryan Seacrest Not A Fan of Angelina’s Red Carpet Behaviour

January 19th, 2007 · 1 Comment

ryan seacrest

American Idol and E! host Ryan Seacrest was not too pleased at how his interview with Brangelina went at the Golden Globes. Talking on his no.1 radio show on KISFM in LA he complained

“I asked her four questions and she didn’t even answer me, I literally stood there and tried to ask a couple of questions. At one point I just kind of let the E! microphone sit in front of her for a second to see if she was going to acknowledge it, and she clearly wanted nothing to do with me or my question or my answer or any of it.”
On the other hand he said that Angelina’s other half who was standing next to her during the interviews and did most of the talking, “was fantastic
His cohost stood up for Angelina arguing that maybe she find these shows a waste of time and money but Ryan shot back,

“Don’t go. Don’t go support your man. Don’t go.”

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Is This Cameron’s New Man

January 19th, 2007 · No Comments


Following their alleged fall out at the Globes, it looks likes Cameron is moving on. TMZ report that she is currently hanging out at the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii with ASP World Tour champ Kelly Slater.

“We’re told the couple shared a romantic oceanfront dinner at Haleiwa Joe’s restaurant before heading back to Slater’s place. Indeed, we’re told Cameron is staying with Slater. The two have been friends for years; Slater even appeared on Cameron’s MTV show “Trippin” in 2005.”

The relationship is over, but the drama has just begun — and it looks like Cameron Diaz is hooking up to make Justin Timberlake jealous.

TMZ also report further on Cam and Justin’s awkward meeting at the Globes.

“Cameron kept coming up to Justin’s table, trying to engage him in conversation. Each time she left, a frustrated Justin made it clear he just wanted a clean break”
If by clean break he meant hook up with one of the hottest guys on the planet then VIPglamour assumes he got his wish

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Oops! Looks Like She Did It Again . . .

January 19th, 2007 · No Comments


Britney Spears

          According to several published reports, someone leaked news about a catchy pop tune ingeniously entitled, “Fed-Up”. Some of Britney’s fans are saying it’s the popstar. But only time will tell . . .

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