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Marcia’s Work At Home Gig

January 17th, 2007 · 1 Comment. yolanda reports.’s Work At Home Gig  digg:Marcia’s Work At Home Gig  spurl:Marcia’s Work At Home Gig  simpy:Marcia’s Work At Home Gig  newsvine:Marcia’s Work At Home Gig  furl:Marcia’s Work At Home Gig  reddit:Marcia’s Work At Home Gig  Y!:Marcia’s Work At Home Gig


Marcia Cross

      Marcia Cross will join the millions of people in the US who make their living working at home.
      Last week, Cross and her doctor agreed to let her shoot a few scenes of ‘Desperate Housewives’ during the last two and half months of her pregnancy. Her doctor ordered Cross, 44, to immediate bed rest until her fraternal twins are born in April.
      According to Cross’ rep. “This decision was made for precautionary measures only.”
      Ever since then, producers of ‘DH’ were scrambling to finish her storyline. Marcia’s role (Bree) is so significant to the show that her scenes could not easily be deleted. Fortunately, the show’s producers agreed to film the remaining scenes at Cross’ home.
      The production team will only transform the downstairs area of Cross’ home in the likeness of Bree’s character, giving the producers the opportunity to film Cross’ last few scenes of the season.

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