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Cameron Still Not Over Justin

January 17th, 2007 · No Comments

justin 7

Cameron and Justin released a statement saying that their break up was mutual but Cam’s behaviour at the Globes last night showed that might not be the case. Page 6 report that after Justin and Cameron had a somewhat “awkward conversation” at the party of the night, the In Style party at the Hilton Oasis, Cam “trailed Timberlake to the Beverley Hilton” for the Universal party. Sources there claim that the Charlie’s Angel star “blew up” when she saw Justin flirting with the gorgeous Jessica Biel on the Hilton rooftop and starting screaming at Jessica.  Jessica is currently seeing athlete Derrick Jeter. 

Their insider says,

“If that’s how she wants to get him back, it won’t work…She’s desperate”

Justin on the other hand had no problem with Cameron chatting intimately to Leo Di Caprio for half an hour…

cam and leo

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Britney Pregnant?

January 17th, 2007 · 3 Comments

britney pregnant

Could Britney be preggers AGAIN!. Less than 4 months after popping out little Jayden James InTouch Weekly are claiming that Spears is with child. They claim that’s the reason that she hasn’t lost any of her pregnancy weight and why she has been getting sick lately. They also report that contrary to most reports Britney has been refraining from drinking lately,

“Her dancers were indulging in Malibu rum and pineapple drinks and taking shots of vodka…but Britney drank bottled water” said a witness to a January 14 party at a Las Vegas casino.


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“It Ain’t Intoxication! Just Technical Difficulties!”

January 17th, 2007 · No Comments

Paula Abdul

            If you looked at the news this weekend, you have probably heard about Paula Abdul’s outlandish TV appearance on a Seattle morning news show. She slurred and made bizarre gesticulations, getting the rumor mill started. Her sobriety was questioned.
          According to Abdul’s spokesperson, Jeff Ballard, he blamed it on technical difficulties.
          “She was exhausted.” Ballard said. “This was at the end of three days of press (interviews and appearances) and she had cameras following her around for a reality TV show. She was sitting in a room with just a camera and a mic on, and the controllers dropped the sound twice, and she got upset. That is why she rolled her eyes.”
          After her TV appearance surfaced on YouTube and other media websites, according to Ballard, Abdul quickly cancelled her media engagements scheduled for Friday, hoping to hush up the rumors.
           Ballard also told Reuters. “Paula never drinks. I have known Paula Abdul since she was 13. I have never seen her drink in my life and she’s not on any type of medication. She was a little tried.”
          The same spokesperson also said that Abdul had a minor throat infection, which added to her woes.
Watch Paula’s TV appearance:

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Baby Drama Forces Miss New Jersey To Resign

January 17th, 2007 · 2 Comments

Ashley Harder

          Ashley Harder, Miss New Jersey USA, voluntarily stepped down from her reign because she is pregnant. The news of this incident appeared in Monday’s edition of The Philadelphia Daily News. 

       The twenty year-old Harder told the newspaper the reason for giving up her title. She resigned because competing while pregnant went against pageant rules. 

        When Pageant officials found out about Harder’s resignation, they called runner-up Erin Abrahamson for her to assume the title. 

        When Abrahamson, 23, found out about Harder, she only had this comment for the press. “Whatever made her resign, I wish her lots of luck and I hope she’s OK!”     

           Within the last three months, this is the third controversial incident that rocked the Miss USA organization that is own by Donald Trump. First, it was Tara Conner who almost lost her Miss USA title due her excessive drinking in New York bars when she was underage. She was allowed to keep her title after she agreed to go to rehab and get drug tested. 

        The second occurrence involved Miss Nevada USA, Katie Rees, who was stripped of her title after lewd pictures of her appeared on the Internet. 

       Harder who was crowned in October, told The Philadelphia Daily News that she would marry her 28-year-old boyfriend, snowboard entrepreneur, Gregg D’Antonio. She will give birth around ‘late summer’. 

        The former Miss New Jersey who was once a contender for Miss Universe has no regret about her decision. 

        “I was so excited I wanted to tell the world.” Harder said to the Philadelphia Inquirer. “It was so difficult for me to keep quiet.” 

          “Life happens.” She told the Inquirer. “Initially, I was a tiny bit disappointed, I wouldn’t be competing. But there was no comparing the two: Miss USA or a baby, a baby that had been sent to me by God.” 

      According to published reports, pageant spokeswoman, Lark-Marie Anton did not expound on the reason for Harder’s registration. 

      “It’s only for personal reasons.” Lark-Marie Anton told the press. 

       The Miss USA pageant will be held on March 23 in Los Angeles. The winner from that pageant will go on to compete in the Miss Universe late this year. Miss Universe is also owned by Trump. 

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Marcia’s Work At Home Gig

January 17th, 2007 · 1 Comment


Marcia Cross

      Marcia Cross will join the millions of people in the US who make their living working at home.
      Last week, Cross and her doctor agreed to let her shoot a few scenes of ‘Desperate Housewives’ during the last two and half months of her pregnancy. Her doctor ordered Cross, 44, to immediate bed rest until her fraternal twins are born in April.
      According to Cross’ rep. “This decision was made for precautionary measures only.”
      Ever since then, producers of ‘DH’ were scrambling to finish her storyline. Marcia’s role (Bree) is so significant to the show that her scenes could not easily be deleted. Fortunately, the show’s producers agreed to film the remaining scenes at Cross’ home.
      The production team will only transform the downstairs area of Cross’ home in the likeness of Bree’s character, giving the producers the opportunity to film Cross’ last few scenes of the season.

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