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The Results Are In!

January 9th, 2007 · No Comments

Britney's dog, Bit BitBritney & Bit Bit

         The editor of The New York Dog and The Hollywood Dog magazines, Hilary O’Hagan, announced the winners of the “Best Celebrity Dog Owner” and “The Worst Celebrity Dog Owner.”
          Talk show diva Oprah Winfrey was voted for The Best Celebrity Dog Owner while popstar Britney Spears received the more ominous title.

          “Britney was the overwhelming choice for The Worst Celebrity Dog Owner for 2006.” O’Hagan said in a statement. “She once had three Chihuahuas and she never left home without at least one of them on her arm. As soon as she met K-Fed (her estranged husband Kevin Federline) and had kids they (the dogs) disappeared.
          The former honoree for “The Worst Celebrity Dog Owner” was 2005 winner, Paris Hilton.

          As for Oprah Winfrey, she owns five dogs. She beat out the 2005 winner, singer Joss Stone, and two other nominees – actors Tori Spelling and Nicollette Sheridan.
          O’Hagan told the press, the voting process for contest lasted over a three-month period. The results were released before Christmas 2006.

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Kate Hudson Not Dealing Well With Heartache

January 9th, 2007 · No Comments

kate hudson

Kate Hudson’s troubled love life reportedly isn’t making her a happy bunny. US Magazine report,

“Since Owen kicked her to the curb, she has turned into a tyrant to everybody in sight”.

Allegedly Kate’s divorce proceedings with soon to be ex hubby, rocker Chris Robinson aren’t going too well. The couple are reportedly quarrelling over their son Ryder who turned 3 yesterday.

“She’s filming in Australia [Fool's Gold, with Matthew McConaughey] and she told Chris if he wanted to be with Ryder on his birthday, he had to go down there,” said the source, adding that the Black Crowes singer was “kind of broke.”

Kate had apparently agreed to buy Chris a house in Malibu so the Black Crowes’ singer would have ‘suitable housing’ for their son but has now backed out of this.

Hudson’s lawyer issued a statement to the Daily News who originally broke this story saying:

“Your source is not credible, as the reported allegations are all untrue … all matters involving Ms. Hudson’s and Chris Robinson’s separation and custody matters are private matters upon which we will not comment other than to report that they have all been mutually and amicably agreed upon.”

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Scarlett Denies Diva Allegations

January 9th, 2007 · 3 Comments

scarlett johansson

Could Scarlet Johansson be Hollywood’s newest diva? As reported the screen siren recently played Timberlake’s leading lady in his new music video What Goes Around (Comes Around). The New York Daily News reports that while Scarlett and Justin hit it off, she wasn’t all sweetness and light to the crew,

“Johansson was said to have thrown a strop when she wasn’t allowed to smoke on set, and allegedly said, “How come we have fire dancers, but I can’t smoke?” Eating in front of her was also reportedly banned, with her bodyguard telling crew members to go somewhere else if they were going to eat.”

Johannson’s rep of course denies all allegations of diva like behaviour,

“Scarlett is always respectful of other people and never made this statement. Also, Scarlett doesn’t have a bodyguard.”

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Did Britney’s New Year’s Nap Cost Her $400,000?

January 9th, 2007 · No Comments

britney after vegas

Britney’s New Year’s Eve nap or feinting episode (depending who you talk to) may have cost her more than a few bad headlines. Sources at The Daily News are claiming that the Las Vegas nightclub Pure are claiming she violated her contract and want to renege on paying her reportedly $400,000 fee.

The tipster say the club the “furious” with Brit because of her reps claiming she fell asleep – implying the place is boring.

A spokesman for Pure denies the story,

“Britney had a great time…We love her and can’t wait for her to come back”

But a club insider claims,

“The moment a celebrity gets into one of those deals they are on the clock. They are watched to the minute, and they are not allowed to leave early. It’s a contractual obligation.”

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