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Is Kate Finally Sick Of Pete?

January 7th, 2007 · No Comments


pete and kate

Whether Kate Moss and Pete Doherty did or didn’t have that Thai blessing, Doherty is back home in England. The Sun are reporting that he was sent home a day early by Kate after cops quizzed him over a bust-up with a cab driver.

Pete arrived at Heathrow Airport at 6am yesterday and reportedly told an airport worker: “She’s sent me home because I got arrested”. He also said that the couple did wed in Thailand.

Later Pete told The Sun:

“Kate won’t talk to me. She doesn’t believe me anymore.”

He insisted he wasn’t trying to buy drugs during the bust-up after one of Thailand’s notorious full moon parties and added, “The guy attacked me for no reason”

Thai authorities have no record of his arrest.

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Jessica Alba – Alternative to Viagara?

January 7th, 2007 · 3 Comments

jessica alba


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Britney and Kevin: Custody Ageement

January 7th, 2007 · No Comments

kevin and britney

Britney Spears managed to take some time out from writing letters and club hopping to do something mommy related this month by sorting out a custody arrangement with Fedex. TMZ reports the duo have agreed that for the month of January they will have joint legal custody of their babies, Sean Preston, 1 and Jayden James, 4 moths. The agreement was filed in the LA courts on Friday.

However Kevin, who along with Britney initially pled for sole custody in November will have extremely limited physical custody. He will only be permitted to visit the children from noon to 4.00 on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at Brit’s place.

Kevin did permit Spears to travel with the children to Florida for one week this moth.

The court has yet to rule on custody beyond January

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The Marketers Of TrimSpa Fined $1.5 Million (US)

January 7th, 2007 · No Comments


Anna Nicole Smith


The marketers of Anna Nicole Smith’s employer, TrimSpa, will pay a $1.5 Million Dollar fine to defray FTC claims that their weight loss promises were not scientifically proven.
The company used the slogan, “TrimSpa Completely Ephedra Free Formula X32” on their products that appeared on television, radio and print media. One of their testimonials displayed in their advertisements, was Anna’s testimonial that claimed that the celebrity lost almost seventy pounds in eight months by using the product.
The Federal Trade Commission has order the marketers of TrimSpa, Goen Technologies Corp., Nutramenerica Corp., TrimSpa, Inc. and Alexander Szynalski (a.k.a Alexander Goen) based in Whippany, N.J, to pay the $1.5 million.
The FTC agreement banned TrimSpa from making any type of claims about the product that is not supported by proficient and dependable scientific evidence.
At this time, it is not known how Anna Nicole Smith, TrimSpa and their marketers will be affected by this action.

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A Woman Sues Harpo Studios

January 7th, 2007 · 2 Comments

Opran WinfreyOn Thursday, January 4, 2007, a woman sued Oprah Winfrey’s studio, Harpo Productions. Tayna Milner, a member of the audience, claimed that she was injured during a taping of the syndicated talk show.
            Milner said she was pushed down some stairs near a waiting area during a mad rush for seats on April 11, 2006. She also blamed the Chicago-based studio for not properly controlling the other audience members before the taping, according to a lawsuit filed at the Cook County Circuit Court and an article in The Chicago Tribune.  Milner is seeking $50, 000 in damages.
            According to Associated Press, both parties were not available for comment.

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