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Britney Can’t Handle Her Drink

December 23rd, 2006 · No Comments

Britney Spears might look like a hard partying mess at the moment and this latest story doesn’t help thethe mother of two’s credibility. Faded Youth reports:

“Alcohol had a Toxic effect on Brit at the popular Hollywood club Les Deux, for after downing drinks till about 2 AM, she puked all over the place… the former Princess of Pop also made such a mess that no one wanted to clean it up… [The] singer’s handlers then “ordered some pasta” because “they didn’t want her getting alcohol poisoning.”

That probably explains what appears to be vomit stains on her dress above, nice.

Soon though we’ll get to hear Britney’s side of the story though, as rumour has it she has agreed to do a tell-all interview with Vanity Fair. She’s expected to talk about her marriage and recent all-night partying ways. We’ll also get to see the first pictures of her new-born baby, Jayden James.

Either way let’s hope Brit makes some good New Year’s Resolutions

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Anna-Nicole Smith Forced To Take Paternity Test

December 23rd, 2006 · 1 Comment


The Anna Nicole Smith saga seems never ending. Just yesterday, a judge ordered that she bring her daughter, Dannielynn to California for a paternity test at the request of ex-boyfriend Larry Birkhead. Birkhead said in a statement:

“Christmas has come early, and I thank God that I will soon have the opportunity to prove that I am the father … and eventually hold her in my arms.”

Her attorney who incidentally is also along with Anna Nicole claiming that he is the father of the child stated:

“I believe there is not an issue about Anna’s willingness or unwillingness to submit to testing. Any kind of allegation that she’s blatantly refusing DNA tests is off the mark and not an accurate depiction of the legal process at this time.”

Birkhead posted this side by side on his website today:

Above is Danneilynn at 2 months, and below is Larry Birkhead as a baby at 2 months

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Evangeline Lilly’s House Burns Down

December 23rd, 2006 · 1 Comment


Spare a thought for Lost star Evangeline Lilly this Christmas as her house burned down this week. Evangeline’s rep confirmed that she was on set when the fire occurred and the luckily no-one was in the house. Spokesman for the Honolulu Fire Department stated that the home was, “fully involved” in flames when the firefighters arrived,

“We stopped the fire from spreading…It took us maybe 15 to 20 minutes to know down the main body of fire. Only the roof and a couple of interior walls were left standing and most of the home’s contents were destroyed”.

Hopefully her Lost co-star and boyfriend Dominic Moynighan will be able to cheer her up.

In other Lost News, Access Hollywood confirmed today that Michelle Rodriguez will appear again in Season 3 in the show’s flashbacks.

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