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Britney Goes Dark and Gets Herself A New Man

December 12th, 2006 · No Comments


Britney’s gone back to the brunette ‘do she was sporting during her pregnancy. But that’s not the real news. Here’s photos of Britney sharing a kiss while on a date:

candid candid_britney

Apparently the two went to see a movie and then went home together. So who is Britney’s new beau?


He is music producer Jonathan Rotem who is working with Brit on her new album and also worked with ex hubbie Kevin Federline on his musical travesty “Playing With Fire”. Is it just me or could she do a lot better? Check out his myspace profile he just seems like K-Fed part deux.


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Actress Lindsay Lohan attends AA Meetings

December 12th, 2006 · No Comments

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Actress Lindsay Lohan, 20, is currently attending Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings, according to her publicist, Leslie Sloane.
    “I think it’s a positive thing.” Ms. Sloane told the Associated Press on Friday.
Sloane also said that it was Lohan’s decision to attend the meetings. “And, by the way she (Lohan) not saying – she will stop drinking tomorrow.” Then Sloane added. “It’s a place to go and she feels safe. No one judges her, and it’s going to be a slow process. But to me, the fact that’s she sees that there’s something is not right makes her smarter than the next person.”
In an interview Friday with E! Entertainment Television’s Ryan Seacreast, Lohan’s mother, Dina, did not deny the report about her daughter. Instead Lohan’s mother just repeated Sloane’s comments. “That’s true . . . It’s a positive thing.”

. Lohan’s publicist and her mother are not disclosing any information about the chapter that Lindsay is currently attending.

Lohan is currently filming the movie, “The Best Time of Out Lives” in New York.
The Associated Press
Lindsay Lohan

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