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Wesley Snipes arrested on tax fraud case

December 8th, 2006 · 1 Comment

Wesley Snipes

Snipes, flew from Namibia, where he is filming “Gallow Walker”, to an Orlando airport, two months after he was indicted, to turn himself in. U.S. Attorney’s spokesman Steve Cole confirmed the arrest.

The star of the ‘Blade’ trilogy was charged with fraudulently claiming refunds on income taxes already payed.

The 44-year old actor had his taxes prepared by accountants with a history of filing false returns to reap payments of their clients. Snipes states he was unfairly targeted and he was taken advantage of by the prosecutors.
The actor faces up to 16 years in prison, if convicted.

He is allowed to fly back to Namibia to finish the cowboy movie “Gallow Walker”, but he has to return to California before or on January 10. The movie will released sometime next fall.

Written by Helga

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Madonna & H&M launch new fashion line

December 8th, 2006 · No Comments


The Madonna tracksuit for H&M will give birth to a whole line of clothing and accessories set to debut worldwide in March of next year. H&M has announced that the upcoming “M by Madonna” fashion line will reflect Madonna’s timeless, unique and always glamorous style. The Material Girl worked closely with head designer Margareta van den Bosch to create a wardrobe that represents her own personal and modern spin on her very own wardrobe staples. But judging by these sketches we won’t be seeing any conical bras or purple leotards.


H&M is hoping that this line will emulate the success of their collaboration with Stella McCartney. In comparison, Madonna’s tracksuit failed to ignite sales and months after they were launched the merchandise still remains in H&M stores, suffering from lacklustre sales. H&M spokespersons claims the sales are doing “very well” but refused to reveal any sales numbers.

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Scary Spice “Shell Shocked”

December 8th, 2006 · No Comments


Former Spice Girl, Mel B says she only found out she had been dumped by Eddie Murphy after her friends told her. She told Britain’s The Sun newspaper:

“I’m shell-shocked by the whole thing. As far as I am concerned we hadn’t really broken up – we’d just had a bit of a row”

Mel, who is five months pregnant is claiming that Eddie is definitely the baby’s daddy, asserting:

“I haven’t been with anyone else since Eddie”.

It seems that the Shrek star begs to differ. As reported, earlier this week when asked about the relationship he stated:

“I don’t know whose child that is, until it comes out and has a blood test”

Either way it seems Eddie has already moved on, he claims that he and Tracey Edmonds have been dating for “about a month and a half”. Seems like this is news for Mel B also. As just days ago she gushed:

“We’re in love and get on really well. All the children have met and get on too – it’s like a great big happy family. I can’t wait to spend Christmas with him and I can’t wait to have this baby.”

So it appears Scary Spice will be making other arrangements, for this Christmas anyway.

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