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Celebrity MISMATCH: Relationships

November 10th, 2006 · 1 Comment

Check out our top 10 MISMATCH COUPLES, relationships that were (and some still are) a bit of a mismatch.

10.Cameron Diaz (1972) & Justin Timberlake (1981), the older woman, what a classic Justin.

9.Demi Moore and young Ashton Kutcher. A very un lightly romance, but they seem to be having a lasting relationship, and Kutcher even gets on with the ex!

8.Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey, who would have though that two young and sexy singers would have been such a MISMATCH. Their attempts to show their love on TV, on their reality show, had to be cut short, because it was about the newlyweds, but they were getting divorced.

7.Paul McCartney & Heather Mills. The ex beatle and the sexy-minx that seems to love a bit of controversy, this was doomed from they start, they blamed the media, but it was simply a MISMATCH.

6. Pamela Anderson & Tommy Lee, there seems to be no doubt that these two loved each other, but could it really last, obviously not. It turned out to be bumpy relationship.

5. Anna Nicole Smith & J. Howard Marshall II, there was so much wrong with this, that VIP Glamour feels we would be insulting you if we mentioned just a few of the reasons as to why this little gem of a relationship, made it in at number 5.

4. Ozzy Osbourne, the prince of darkness, and a loud mouth attention Queen, Sharon, who would have suspected it would last.

3.Michael Douglas & Catherine Zeta-Jones, this is where age seems to come into play big time, they look more like grandfather and granddaughter, than a couple, but they seem happy. And Michael does seem to try and stay young.

2.David Gest and Liza Minnelli. I think even these two knew it was a mismatch, I mean if you marry a reportedly gay guy, there is bound to be some problems, especially in the bedroom, one would imagine.

1. After settling some allegations against him Michael Jackson, needed something to put him on the media’s good books, surly marrying Lisa Marie Presley would sort out all his problems.

What would you put in your top 10. Feel free to comment!

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Poll: Kevin V. Britney: Who should get custody?

November 10th, 2006 · No Comments

Married for just two years, and a marriage that went downhill from the start, seems to be finally coming to an end. Britney Spears who has just had her second son two months ago has filed for divorce. However, it may be the end of the relationship, but its the start of the battle for custody of their children.

Have your say in our latest Poll: Kevin V. Britney: Who should get custody?
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November 10th, 2006 · No Comments

Picture Perfect

Alyson Hannigan, I thought was always, much much prettier that Buffy (aka SMG), however we have to question her stylist, that is we hope that Alyson is not to blame for the fiasco that is the above photo. She does look radiant however, as usual. Lets hope we see her in more films

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