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Anna Nicole Smith’s – Sad event – cleans up

September 19th, 2006 · 1 Comment

We feel a little morbid reporting on this, but we just had to trash this story out a little. The Celebrity websites out there are reporting on the large sum of money received by the Reps for Anna Nicole and her photo images agent Getty. At first the staff at VIP Glamour were so disgusted on this we decided to not to report on it at all. However, when with such a tragic event happens to a Star such as a reality star like Anna Nicole Smith, someone was going to make a fast buck, so it would be nice if some of this money at least went to a charity. Luckily we hear today that at least a portion of this money may be going to a memorial for Daniel Smith.

Reps for the 38-year-old Smith and her photo agent, Getty Images, have received more than $600,000 for the rights to snapshots of her late son, Daniel. The lad posed with his mother and his new sister in a Bahamian maternity ward the night before he was found slumped dead in a chair Sept. 10. Source Images: Picture Perfect Agency

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