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Please reply to the homophobe ( and we will be back soon)

September 3rd, 2006 · 5 Comments

Sorry everyone, i’ve not had the time to update VIP Glamour lately, and although there are a few of us working on this we know we have been slow to up date, rest easy though, we plan to be back to full strength soon. And with an new team member.

In the mean time, I would love a few people to reply to this comment, left on VIP Glamour (which our moderators deleted) in relation to an article we published entitled Nelly Furtado is gay.

A reader Jeraime was obviously looking for a reaction when he posted this, and I would love to see your replies. And although I love the idea of publishing his e-mail address I wont, it seems he is from Houston.

well, first of all i’d like to say that u are an idiot and a fool to be gay. u are mentally deranged, sick and an outcast. what the fuck were u thinking? God Almighty created men and women so that there could be multiplication and more human beings on earth. i’m tired of seeing and hearing all this bullshit about faggots. u all should be exterminated from the world and the universe as a whole and cease to ever exist. this shit is getting to my brain. i mean what the fuck is wrong with y’all. how the hell is being gay going to make u happy? i mean how the hell is sleeping with the same sex so nice to u. fo real man U ARE SERIOUSLY SICK!!!! and don’t u know that u gay shit heads are the ones with the highest rate of AIDS. go check yourself cos ur days are numbered. asshole.

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