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Now we all know what happens in the Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica

July 1st, 2006 · 1 Comment

=nick_jessica.jpgIts officially over, they are divorced, People magazine reports on the end of the heavily publicized marriage of essica Simpson and Nick Lachey.

On Thursday, documents were released in which the former couple asked that retired Superior Court Judge Dana Senit Henry be appointed “for the sole purpose of” ending their marriage. They asked the judge to “bifurcate” the case, meaning to make the divorce official without settling all the financial details.

Apparently money has been an issue as Lachey wanted to reserve the right to ask for more money if he needed it. What a clever guy, I guess he knows he could be left sitting in a puddle while she rakes in the $$$$.

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Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest Movie Preview

July 1st, 2006 · No Comments

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Is there trouble with HUGH GRANT and JEMIMA KHAN’s relationship?

July 1st, 2006 · 2 Comments

0,,2006300575,00.jpgAt Elton Johns latest White Tie and Tiara bash, this one he referred to as his coming out party, Jemima Kahn arrived alone! This in itself may not seem that unusual, they are not tied at the hip after all. However sources are saying that Hugh cancelled his invitation at the last minute, which of course started tongues wagging. A source at the £3,000-a-ticket event revealed: “A few eyebrows were raised when Jemima turned up alone. This is one social event that is always pencilled in Hugh’s diary. “But Jemima was on amazing form. It looked like a weight has been lifted off her shoulders. “Thank God she’s got rid of him at last. She’s put on weight and looks better than she has for ages.”

The Scope is reporting on the party also, and apparently Elton made a request asking GUESTS NOT TO TALK TO HIM UNLESS SPOKEN TO.

“Elton is obviously a star but this is bordering on paranoia,” a source told the Daily Mirror of London. “He is acting like old-fashioned royalty, or some tinpot dictator.”

What a Queen!

Source 1 Source 2

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Pictures: Skinny Nicole Richie at Hollywood Benefit Africa Program

July 1st, 2006 · 10 Comments

Nicole Richie .jpg

Nicole Richie 1jpg.jpg

Nicole Richie 2.jpg

Still way too skinny…


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