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Pictures – Anne Hathaway: InStyle & Jane magazines June-July 2006

June 3rd, 2006 · 3 Comments



Anne Hathaway has to be one of the prettiest women around. I dont mean just sexy, this girl has a natural beauty and charm that is original and true!

Images: assainova & HOLLYWOODSBEST

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Brace for impact: ELIZABETH TAYLOR slept in Michael Jackson’s bed

June 3rd, 2006 · 9 Comments

ELIZABETH TAYLOR.jpgELIZABETH TAYLOR has always defended Michael Jackson, she has now also admitted that she slept in his bed and watched cartoons with him and his nephews. She said she felt there was nothing odd about it. (apart from the odd people involved – that is).

She says, “I’ve been there when his young nephews were there and we were all in the bed watching television – there was nothing abnormal about it. There was no touchy-feely going on. We laughed like children and we watched a lot of Walt Disney. There was nothing odd about it.”

Maybe she should just leave the whole Michael Jackson thing alone!

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Penelope Cruz and Matthew McConaughey have split up

June 3rd, 2006 · 2 Comments

Penelope Cruz.jpgA year is a long time in hollywood, to be in a relationship that is. Penelope Cruz (aka the one who got away- see previous posts) and Matthew McConaughey have decided to split up, in a very orderly and mutual fashion. How sicking, we all wanted a public display!

In a statement released to People magazine it reads: “(Cruz and McConaughey) have decided to take time off as a couple. Due to busy work schedules and so much time apart, they mutually decided four weeks ago that separating was the best thing to do at this time.”


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