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Confirmed: Yes Anna Nicole Smith is pregnant

June 1st, 2006 · 1 Comment

anna nicole smith.jpgAnna Nicole Smith has finally admitted that yes she is pregnant, after the baby’s father came forward (for money probably), and forced Anna Nicole’s hand. Via her website she confirmed, while floating on what appears to be a water mattress. And it seems that her lawyer, who obviously has an unhealthy fascination with the ‘actress’ asked the baby’s father to deny the pregnancy. The baby’s father is a guy called Larry Birkhead, and unknown to the media (oh the shame).

“I would never have a child as part of a financial arrangement,” Birkhead scoffed. “When I do have a child, I will be a very large part of that child’s life. “There are a lot of jealous people out there. People who say other people are just looking for someone’s money,” the nondenial pop went on.

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